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Constitution of the Blue Flames

Written by BlueLion

I, the ruler of the Soul Kingdom, land that contains the soul of the first dragon, wrote this constitution to give shelter to those who need it and to bring a home to the new people who don’t have a home or resources.

Article I


Section 1:

All international laws on the server shall be respected, and obeyed in the kingdom. All discord server rules shall also be respected and obeyed.

Section 2:

Citizens of this nation shall be able to give their advice on any matter if they feel it necessary. I wish to give a voice to all and all opinions are welcome.

Section 3:

If the king isn’t ok with a requested law passing, he has the right to veto the law.

Section 4:

Taxes shall never come to the light of day in this kingdom. The greed of others in the form of paying more than advertised is unacceptable.

Section 5:

If a citizen breaks a law, they are given a warning. However, if they break a law (regardless of a different one) again, they must pay a fine of 2 diamond blocks. If they don’t have sufficient funds, they can take their time, but a mining trip is advised to take place immediately. The more laws a citizen breaks, the higher the fine is, after breaking 5 laws, the citizen is exiled from the Soul Kingdom. The fines go to the king (20%) and the rest goes to the treasury of the kingdom.

Article II

Power of the King

Section 1:

The king must follow the constitution like everyone else, if he breaks a law, he too must pay a fine, except this time, all of the money goes to the treasury. However, unlike the citizens, the king can break as many laws but the fine keeps getting higher and higher infinitely.

Section 2:

The king has unlimited power, he can declare war on a country, even without the consent of the people.

Section 3:

Should the king feel like something in the constitution is wrong, they have the power to remove it or even replace it. They do need the approval of the people though.

Section 4

The king cannot be removed, no matter how much a citizen disagrees, the king made this country, so he must be respected.

Section 5

The king can be asked questions at any time, his goal is to help people to the best of his ability.

And so is the Constitution of the Blue Flames.