Be nice

Don’t do anything intended to make someone unhappy. Don’t make fun of people, and no racism, homophobia, transphobia, etc. While swearing is allowed (in moderation), slurs are NEVER allowed.


Minecraft is a game that lots of younger kids play. No NSFW, In chat or built on the server, Don’t talk about anything unpleasant or controversial. Everyone is here to play a game and have fun.

Nation rules

All of the rules listed above apply everywhere in the server and are enforced by admins, but every player-made country has their own rules that their leaders enforce. Make sure that while in an in-game country, you follow their laws and international laws.

No cheating

No cheating, hacking, or exploiting! Automatic farms are allowed but duping is not, the only things you can duplicate are sand/gravel/concrete and tnt, as these are non-renewable resources. Again any form of finding ores that wasn’t intended by Mojang is prohibited!

Don't be a pest

This includes spam in chat or purposefully building at someone else’s base just to annoy them, or anything else meant to annoy someone.

Respect people

Don’t share anyone else’s personal information, no discussion of illegal activity. the usage or discussion of cracked/free Minecraft accounts will get you banned!

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